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MESSIANIC MUSICALS Come hear original songs that I have written and read original Messianic Musicals
unitybak.gif (9098 bytes) Unity is an exciting, original, biblical card game for 2-6 players
  • Play righteous cards in unity to defeat attacks
  • Invite other players to enter into righteousness
  • Celebrate the holy festivals of the Lord

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The Island Country of Tobia is a unique book written in poetic style.  Get to know the many interesting characters of Tobia.

  • Meet Emma the queen who rules her kingdom with an iron fist
  • Meet Werner, who runs the Tobian National Bank and cares only about his gold
  • Meet the former movie star Hepsivah who is so very charming
  • Meet Marshvont, who is known for having a strong faith in God
  • Meet Samuel, a boy who is visited in his dreams by a beautiful bird
  • Finally, meet Bazo, king of the rats that have invaded Tobia

Coming before Yeshua returns! If not, who cares!

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