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Messianic Musicals

Several years ago, the Lord totally unexpectedly gave me the ability to write songs.   I had asked the Lord for the ability to write a song for a friend, Phil Pearlman, who was recording a CD.  I actually wrote a song in less than a week.  I sang it for Phil and he liked it and wanted to record it on the CD.  Several weeks later, I was doing the dishes when I suddenly noticed that I was singing a song that I had never heard before!  In a few days I had written most of the song.  I sang it onto a cassette tape and gave it to Phil, and he recorded the song "From the Highest Mountains" on his CD "Fresh Fire".  

Click here for From The Highest Mountains

You can purchase "From the Highest Mountains" by clicking on the following banner.
It is in the CD "Fresh Fire" by Phil Pearlman

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Since then, I have written about 50 songs that all praise God.  In the summer of 2001, I wrote a song for my wife called "Eternal Love" and had it recorded for her by a wonderful singer from my previous church named Christel Vander Weide.

Click here for Eternal Love

Now I am writing 2 Messianic Musicals, a children's musical called "Jesus Celebrated Hanukah", and an adult Christmas musical called "Messiahmas".

Here are two of the songs from Messiahmas.  I had it recorded at a professional studio. They are sung by another wonderful singer from my former church named Margaret Downs. 

Click here for In My Dreams

Click Here for The Path of Life

I guess that I am what is known as a hummer.  I can work out songs in my head and 'hear' the vocals and instruments.  The best that I can do is to sing the songs onto a cassette tape.  I have a cassette tape for each musical, and I know the songs are excellent because it is a gift from God that I am using and not my own natural ability.  If you read the musicals and like them, please email me (at the bottom of this page), especially if you have the ability to make them into a reality.  I look at the musicals as "works in progress" and am certainly open to modifying them to make them more glorifying to God.  Believe it or not, I wrote 90% of Messiahmas in just 3 hours, as I was very inspired when I wrote it!

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