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It looks like Rachel's little friend just doesn't get it.   Next Rachel is going to tell her that she gets presents for both Hanukah and Christmas.  Her friend will of course be jealous.  Then Rachel will tell her that Hanukah lasts for eight nights and that she gets a present on each night.  Her little friend will run home crying to her mommy.

Just what do Messianic Jews think about Christmas anyway?  One thing that they all agree on is Easter.   Easter is a Pagan Holiday that should not be celebrated!  The biblical festival of First Fruits is the actual day that Yeshua (Jesus) rose from the grave.   But Christmas is a different story. 

It was never recorded when Yeshua was born.  Many think that he was born on the biblical festival of Tabernacles.  So some Messianic Jews celebrate the birth of Yeshua on Tabernacles.  Others celebrate it on December 25th.  Many others don't celebrate the birth at all.

Click here to see why some Messianic Jews don't celebrate Christmas

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